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[Panel 1]
Ready for the Christmas
party tomorrow?

I thought we weren't
having one because of the
bank getting ready to
close down this office.


Yeah, because of that
thing we don't talk about
because it upsets Bell.

[Panel 2]
No, I can see that.

It's just that we
seem to be on entirely
different rumour networks.

Less rumours, more the senior
managers don't know how to use
encryption, and the same
keyword-search program they
installed to scan everyone's email
in case they're planning to get a
better job works on them too.

[Panel 3]
Is that not a tiny bit illegal?

They started it!

Yes, an argument
that often
the courts.

So what will we do if they
do close this place down?

[Panel 4]
Collect on the great big
penalty clause in our contract,

convert it all into
gin and vodka,

and try to die of
liver failure before
the lights go out.

Something tells me
you HAVE been talking
about this with Bell.

She favours absinthe.

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