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[Panel 1]
Ho hum, back to the grind.

Where is Ginny?

Don't you remember? We let her do
the leave scheduling this year. So
I think the answer is probably "out
at her mum's place in the country"
and the next answer is "February".

[Panel 2]
Anybody would think she did
not want to help us catch up
on the Christmas backlog.

Perish the thought.
Anyway, I'll take
the upgrades if you
fancy poking the
problem reports.

Have you automated the
upgrades by any chance?

[Panel 3]

I mean, that's what I'm
here for, isn't it? Teach
the computers to do my
job so that I can spend
my time playing games
and drinking beer.

And yet you do not share
this bounty with us.

[Panel 4]
I TRIED writing a program
to read and answer the
problem reports. But it
kept saying "you need to
install a nice solid Unix".

What, not "you need to buy a
slaughterbot and fit it with
knives and machine guns"?

Please! My code is SUBTLE.

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