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[Panel 1]
So how was Christmas?

You know as well
as I do. You were
here working
for most of it.

I mean the root of all evil.

[Panel 2]
That's the LOVE of money, not money
itself. And we did all right.

Oh good. 'Cos this
isn't the best
time to be lookin'
for a new job.

When's it ever?

[Panel 3]
When people are feelin' happy
and generous and not scared.
So not in my workin' life.

You'd think they'd
get bored with
being scared
all the time.

But there's always somethin'
new to be scared OF.

[Panel 4]
Panic now. Apparently immigrant
children are taking chimney-
sweeping jobs away from
plucky English lads.

You're makin'
that up.

Only until they come up with
something even stupider.

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