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[Panel 1]
So it's still table service for now.

I can hardly object to
not having to fetch my
own beer, but it's a
lot of work for you.

Maybe more people order food
if they have to wait for someone
to bring the drinks anyway?

[Panel 2]
Yes, but we can't get as
many in of an evening.

Well, I'm doing my best,
but I can't actually keep
this place in business
single-handed. Single-
livered. Whatever.

Still, it is good to be out
here, even in London. Perhaps
you should get some plants to
dull the traffic noise, now
that there is traffic again.

[Panel 3]
Hmm. I'm sure one of Caz's
mates would know somebody.

Didn't think you
were the type for
greenery, though?

Oh yes, I love the nature!

[Panel 4]
We even used biodegradable fuel
for, er, a project, in case
it didn't, er, ignite cleanly.

Do I want to
know about this?

I am not entirely sure
that the nature loves us.

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