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[Panel 1]
Thanks for keeping
this roof open, Bell.

You don't want to
mix with the plague
pit downstairs,
and neither do I.

I've never had to scrape my
throat to go drinking before.

[Panel 2]
Just afterwards, right?

Really, Nils, you're
not "going drinking".
You're "using a shared
coworking space with
the consent of the owner".

And taking some light
refreshment while I do?

[Panel 3]
"Oh dear we've run out of
orange juice, you'll have
to have the Pigsticker's Mild".

Thank you.

I'll send Mandi up with
it, she needs a break too.

[Panel 4]
I thought this place was
quiet at lunchtimes?

After more than a year of
random closures, everybody's
got a lot of catching up to do.

Better make that TWO
Pigsticker's Milds…

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