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# in the pub
[Panel 1]
I should have known that
car was too good a deal.

Dodgy suspension? That's
what ma's last one had.

No, I got it checked for
all the usual things.

[Panel 2]
The car had been used in a bank
robbery so you are always
getting stopped by the police?

No. It has
alloy wheels.

I think I fail to see...

[Panel 3]
Very saleable, those. And the
makers don't want you to come back
and find your car up on bricks.

So they put in a special
locking nut on each wheel.

With a special key.

Which obviously won't EVER
get broken or lost.

[Panel 4]

So if you still have the big
bits for drilling out screws...

I'll come round on Saturday.

Nobody steals Katja's wheels.
They'd only fit another
Studebaker US6 anyway.

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