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[Panel 1]
My Mum is weird sometimes.

In what way weird?

Well, last year she saw the
Midsummer Bonfire on King
Arthur's Seat or something

so last Sunday she insisted on
having one in the village.

I see no strangeness in
that. It is proper.

[Panel 2]
There are some festivals we
take very seriously back home.
Think about how much light we
don't get for most of the year...

I myself had a bonfire,
a small one.

You had a braai and
didn't invite me?

This is not a braai, you
heathen! It is for proper
religious purposes!

[Panel 3]
That's no fun!

I even found out you can
buy [CENSORED] in
garden centres again now.

I wanted one big bonfire,
not two hundred little ones.


Mum said everyone found her dancing
round a fire strange enough ...

[Panel 4]

... She wouldn't have needed
mad foreigners blowing it up,
and the police called.

You're out to get me.

No, just to keep
Mum out of trouble.

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