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[Panel 1]
So there I was at Paris-Nord,
without even a set of clean underwear
to my name, and have you TRIED to
get decent street food round there?

Pay through the nose for some
soup that was waved under a
lobster once, more like it.

There used to be a nice little
bistro on the Quai de Valmy...

Pity you couldn't have
told me about it, then.

You weren't there when I needed
you any more than Jaakko was.

[Panel 2]
I can't be everywhere, and
I don't WANT to be on a
railway station in Paris.

There is nothing to
do to pass the time.

Too right. Once the laptop ran down
I was reduced to counting policemen.

I'd got to six different sorts by
the time anyone admitted there
might after all be a train one day.
The Police Nationale and Mobile
Gendarmerie were reasonably obvious...

[Panel 3]
...but eventually I got down to
some paramilitaries with FAMAS they
didn't know how to hold, and some
dodgy-looking guys and girls with
pointy little knives and ratty
fabric armbands saying "securite".

I'm fairly sure those were SUPPOSED
to be on the side of the angels.

Ah, well, you see, when everyone in
Paris is a policeman there will be
no more room for the criminals.

[Panel 4]
When that happens, he'll be
arrested for anti-crime.

For sitting not doing anything?

For Conspiring to Observe the Law.

Even with all the new laws
in England he could not
conspire all on his own.

Yes we could, you know. All
of me agree about things.
Most of the time anyway.

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