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[Panel 1]
Where were you yesterday?
Weren't you supposed to be back
from visiting Yves in Paris?

Yeah, but apparently it's strike
season. I got to Paris-Nord and
suddenly there weren't any trains.
"Mouvement Sociale" or something.

Nobody was saying much, just
shrugging expressively.

[Panel 2]
Ah, Gare du Nord, the romantic
gateway to Paris... hang on,
don't you always fly anyway?

Yeah, but the beancounters
are being "carbon neutral"
this week and would only
pay for the train ticket.

And not for your
extra time, of course...

[Panel 3]
So all the boards were blank
except for the Thalys, and that
doesn't go anywhere useful.

Being fair, it would
take you to Brussels
very fast. Or Cologne.

My point.

There's good beer in
both those places.

[Panel 4]
It's not good beer if I
have to pay for it myself.

Haven't you looked up the rules
on company travel lately? They
have to pay for a hotel if you
can't get back, so you just put
all the beer on your room bill.

And where were you when I
needed you to tell me that?

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