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[Panel 1]
...never mind all the baby-gear
that I have no use for, people keep
Freecycling "Thomas the Tank" toys.

Oh? That is a
thing, if true.

No, I think it's just

Tomas the Tank. It was a classic!

[Panel 2]
Are you sure you don't mean
Thomas the Tank Engine?

After the Soviet tanks rolled
into Czechoslovakia, the
locals were pretty hacked
off with the whole business.

So the Russians got a local
animation shop to make a children's
cartoon about the happy friendly
Soviet armoured forces.

Hey, are you really...

[Panel 3]
But they only made six episodes
because the animators kept putting
in anti-communist messages.

Like the time that Tomas gets
stuck in the mud and the mice come
and eat all his armour.

So now it is all very
rare and obscure.

[Panel 4]
Are you claiming you
have actually SEEN this?


in a manner of speaking...



The Soviets were using T-64s
as their main battle tank,
weren't they? I've got a
computer model of one of them
on the server somewhere...

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