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[Panel 1]
Well, that's a relief.

Our independent racist loony
candidate got twelve votes.

Even in Limehouse that
doesn't get him a seat.

Which flavour of
racist loony?

Oh, "I was born in Limehouse
of British parents and have
no foreign ancestry".

[Panel 2]
In LIMEHOUSE? Port of the
Empire? Lascars and Chinamen
and God knows what?

It gets better. He wants to
send all the filthy foreigners
back "home", basically.

And if South Africa did the
same thing, that would leave
me half-way between Denmark
and the Netherlands.

[Panel 3]
Schleswig-Holstein, more or less.

Good beer round there.

I of course would have to return
to northern Ostrobothnia, but
they would never notice that
I was telecommuting.

Except nobody would be
falling over your bloody
bike in the changing-room.

[Panel 4]
Sorry. What about you, Ginny?
You're probably the sort of
person he was trying to appeal to...

Except that I
can walk without
dragging my knuckles.

Anyway, it's not as if
anyone's been here for more
than a few thousand years.

My lot would have to go
back to... Frisia, probably.
Or possibly Jutland.

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