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[Panel 1]
Any idea who the three new
blokes in the office are?

Space audit.

That must be less
fun than it sounds.

The bosses are checking
whether we're using all the
space we've got, and if
not they'll take it away.

[Panel 2]
They can't do that! There's Jaakko's
emergency backup pickling vat,

and the piles of old kit that
I'm waiting to sneak out some
night when the guard's asleep...

Still, these guys aren't checking
very much. They're just sitting
around reading Facebook.

[Panel 3]
Oh, they aren't the auditors.
They're just there to make it look
as if we have six sysadmins.

Friends of Jaakko's, I think.

That would explain the subtle
aroma of overheated bicycle parts.

[Panel 4]
But how did they get ID badges?

Oh, please. The badge-reader
just happened to crash as
they were coming in.

Has anyone told you recently
that you're an evil woman?

Not since this morning. Thanks.

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