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[Panel 1]
Where were YOU yesterday?

Ratel Consulting has an
image to keep up, you know.

Not that anybody
noticed, mind.

Well, we did finish next
month's projects last Friday.

Ssssssh! Walls have microphones.

[Panel 2]
Anyway, I was very busy all
day being not arrested.

What, more furious riding
down the Limehouse Tunnel?

No, I was going past a
club and I got caught
in a drug sweep.

Bit of an early morning
club, wouldn't that be?

More of a very late one, really.

[Panel 3]
But you didn't have
anything on you, right?
I mean, you don't anyway,

and if you
did you
bring it
to work,

and if you DID it would
be disguised as rotted
fish or something...

Unfortunately I did have a couple
of zip-loc bags of white powder.


[Panel 4]
I had been picking up some
powdered bleach samples to see
if it would clean bike bits.

Oh, no, they didn't...

All I said was "I think
you should not sniff that,
constable, it is bleach".

That seems

I may also have giggled a little.

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