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# in the pub
[Panel 1]


Hmm. All right, thirty-two.

Hullo, you three.
What are you up to?

[Panel 2]
Seeing who's going to fix
the phone switch at work.

Which is easy, so we're bidding on
how few keystrokes we can do it in.

Makes it a bit more
of a challenge...

[style octagon]
[textcolour SteelBlue4]
queep queep

Hang on, it's the boss.

[Panel 3]
Yes... I see...

Does she know where we are?

Ssh. No, not you.

Not our job. I'm not even allowed
to know how to get in there.

[Panel 4]
How MUCH money?

Right you are then,
it'll be back up
in thirty seconds.

That was never

I needed to leave a margin
for checking email.

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