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[Panel 1]
Nils! You must join this at once!

...go on...

It is the British
Boer Goat Society!

Oh, them. Boer is a breed
of goat, Jaakko, not a
breed of farmer. Any more.

[Panel 2]
And I don't think Bell would
let me keep a goat on the roof.

I do not see why. You
have no television
antenna for it to eat.

No, just the microwave broadband
link. And then there's planning
permission for the two-metre fence.

[Panel 3]
And the cost of goat feed,
and the time to look after it...
no, I'll keep buying "lamb"
from the local dodgy butcher.

Why do you want me
to keep one, anyway?
Goat-liver pâté?

I want one black and one
white goat to pull a chariot.

I assume you have your reasons.

[Panel 4]
But I don't want
to know what they

Caz is doing a
Tarot installation
and would rather
use goats than horses.

All right, that's not as bad
as I thought it would be.

I am not sure what she is
planning to knock down
for the Tower, mind...

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