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[Panel 1]
Any chance of sandwiches today?

The fellow with the tray
went past half an hour ago.

Bother. He'll be out of
the building by now.

[Panel 2]
Perhaps you could get the
secretaries to tell you
when he comes past them?

Tried that, but they forget. I
don't suppose tomorrow you...?

[Panel 3]
You cannot rely on us to go out and
hunt sandwiches for you, you know.

We are not primitive cave-dwellers
(now that they've fixed the lights).

I didn't mean to imply

[Panel 4]
I think you have to skulk somewhere
unobtrusively and make your snatch as
they go past, minding their own
business and humming a little
sandwichy tune to themselves.


Well volunteered. I'll
gather, um, coffee.

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