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[Panel 1]
Well, you're a woman of property
now, not of mere chattels.

Come to think of
it, not a mere
chattel yourself.

What are you going
to do with what's
left after buying
the flat: fritter it?

I honestly don't know. I
hadn't thought about it.

If it were me I would
buy myself a REAL tank.

Yes, Jaakko, I'm sure you would, but I
don't want one. I haven't anywhere to
keep it, and the fuel would be ruinous.

[Panel 2]
I could get you the...

I'm not you and I don't want one.

So what DO you want?

I don't know. Silver and
jet. Maybe I could get a
silver and jet pocket-watch
that goes by clockwork.

Well, that's a couple
of hundred quid. Go on.

[Panel 3]
Um. What would YOU buy?

Lots and lots of books. But I'd
need a new flat to keep them in.

More like a house in the country
with a nice big library.

Yes, it isn't practical,
is it. Anyhow I have
all the books at work.

Personally I...

Let me guess. Lots of sweet little
computers, and see if they breed?

[Panel 4]
I wasn't going to say that. The fun
is building them, not buying them.

When I really think about
it I don't actually want
anything. It's a bit scary.

I think we just have beer whenever
we feel like it, and don't worry.

I've told Steve I want to keep my
job, and he understands perfectly.

He said he wanted a train
set, so I got him one.

Yeah, and there's
no room to set it up.

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