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[Panel 1]
They've sent round another
All Staff Survey.

What a pity. I had
six in the sweepstake,
and that's the
seventh this year.

You are still in the running for
new performance appraisal systems.
There will be time to introduce
another of those before Christmas.

[Panel 2]
What do you suppose they
DO with them anyway?

Laugh at them and then do
whatever they just read in
Overweight Executive Weekly?

Pre-emptive justification.

[Panel 3]
I fear you will have to
elucidate just a little.

They read that the staff
want a better intranet...

Do we? I never look at it.

And so when they decide to
switch everything onto Windows
because the salesman bought
them a really nice lunch, they
know they should tell us "it
will make the intranet better".

[Panel 4]
I'm not sure whether you're
being excessively cynical
or excessively realistic.

Is there a difference?

Excessively realistic is
cheaper, because you do not
try to do anything about it.

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