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[Panel 1]
Jaakko, I need to run an idea past
you to check... how... sensible...

Jaakko, let's
do something

I am in!

What are we doing?

[Panel 2]
Elizabeth is having a fight
with the local supermarket.
So she wants to try growing
our own veg on the roof.


Our roof is too pointy. I
could terrace it into lots
of tiny rice paddies, but
that's nearly as bad an idea
as the goat would have been.

[Panel 3]
But there's all that greenery
they planted on the office
roof to keep the bees happy.

Guerrilla gardening?

If we tunnel in from the
aircon plant, we can set
up a vegetable patch in the
middle where nobody can see it.

[Panel 4]
I see only one problem. If
somebody does see it from the
air they will assume it is drugs.

I could always put up
a sign saying "NOT

Are you mellowing in your old age?
I would have expected you to build
a robot that would shoot down any
helicopter that got too close.

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