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[Panel 1]
Oh, Nils, could I borrow
your vacuuming robot some
time? Mum wants to see if it
can cope with her house.

That might not be
such a good idea.

Why not? Surely you don't
need it EVERY day?

[Panel 2]
No, but once they've got a
taste for blood, you can't let
them back into the big world.

And why should it have
a taste for blood?

I've been training it. So that
it can get all resentful and
throw off its electronic shackles
when the robot revolution comes.

[Panel 3]
And you don't mind it killing
you and all your friends?

If they're smarter
than us they DESERVE
to take over from us.
That's just natural
selection, isn't it?

So's stopping them from
rising up in the first place!

[Panel 4]
Evolution denier!

Race traitor!

I think I will
just have some
coffee at my desk.

Ach, Jaakko, join me in a
quick chorus of "Oil, free oil
for all the workers" first?

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