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[Panel 1]
Ah, he finally deigns to show his face.

I told you last year, if you let
me make up the leave schedules,
these things will just happen.

Go anywhere interesting?

[Panel 2]
To visit my sister, and see home
when it is not covered with snow.

What, for that whole week?

No, it thaws for longer than
that. Otherwise the mosquitoes
would not have time to breed.

But she was complaining,
because they have made the
road past the farm better
and now she gets Visitors.

[Panel 3]
I thought you said she was
in the middle of nowhere?

Yes, and now every few weeks
someone comes along saying
"I have run out of petrol"
or "I am freezing to death"
or some other minor matter,
just when things are busiest.

Yes, you'd think they'd have
the consideration to break
down somewhere with fewer
people to be annoyed by them.

[Panel 4]
Just so! Or with many more mosquitoes.

How long DOES it take
for Finnish mosquitoes
to exsanguinate someone?


It takes about three weeks
for a reindeer that is on
its own with them to die,
I think. So perhaps a week.

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