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[Panel 1]
Been anywhere fun recently?

Tate Modern's got
some good things
on at the moment.
Immersive fog

Rather you than me.

Yes, but they also had a
stuffed angora goat from a
second-hand office supply shop.


[Panel 2]
A stuffed angora...

Yes, but what was
it DOING in an
office supply shop?

Oh, that's easy.
It's to keep the
token ring running.

I don't THINK
that's what they...

It eats up and recycles the
tokens when they escape, and
in the worst case it's already
there for sacrificing.

[Panel 3]
No, look, you can't...

The original version used
a camel, but they had to
rebuild the test lab, and a
goat was a good compromise.
Not to mention cheaper.

You're lying, aren't you?

[Panel 4]
Of course once ethernet
came along and you could
just have a mouse-tank
built into the router,

...the goats were mostly
shaved, stuffed and sold on.

You can't tell me routers
come with mice. I've SEEN
Nils buying a router.
I would have NOTICED.

Oh, no, you don't need to buy them
any more. The cables attract them.

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