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[Panel 1]
Well, Nils, what are you
doing about the office
Christmas party this year?

Me? It's your turn.

Only if you tell me. Back
in September, ideally.

[Panel 2]
Then, er, it must be Jaakko's turn.

No, I am exempt, because I
have no self-control and I
will only spend the money
on bicycle parts.

That's a fair point.

[Panel 3]
I'd better see what I can
get Bell to sort, then.

Actually, I just asked
because of the latest
mail to everyone.

Are they still sending those?
Nobody ever reads them.

[Panel 4]
That's why they bury
the bad news there.

Such as "due to the
economic situation,
no Christmas parties
below staff grade 17".

Saved by the recession!

Officially it is merely
a Patriotic Readjustment.

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