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[Panel 1]
Well, we are the Golden
Children of the bosses again.

What did we do?

Was it the coming in in
the middle of the night
to fix broken servers?

Was it the six-month death-march
to build an automation system?

[Panel 2]
I made a web page.


And that's why you
all get a share
of the prize!

I'm listening.

[Panel 3]
They wanted something less
cluttered and faster to load.

The web design people
used a big javascript
framework library.

I just wrote some clean
basic HTML and it all
fits in three packets.

Steady on there, you
dabbler in forgotten arts!

[Panel 4]
Let's get back to
this prize, shall we?

The prize is more work, of
course, bringing the rest of
the site up to the same spec.

But at least we'll get paid
for it. And I've done half the
job aleady because I was bored
over the weekend.

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