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[Panel 1]
How's the plan looking?

The backup servers are ready.

Little Katje regards such a short
trip as an insult, especially with
no snow and nobody shooting at her.

So all that's left is... uh-oh.

[Panel 2]
We still haven't got the bosses to pay
for our Lifting Heavy Objects
courses. And the move's in two weeks.

Oh, that's all right.

That's not our fault, it's an
administrative problem, and one
with a nice simple solution that
just involves throwing money at it.

[Panel 3]
But getting the certificates at
short notice will cost thousands.

Paying for someone else to
move them will cost tens of
thousands in replacements.

And not moving them on
time will cost millions.

[Panel 4]
I'll have Words with whatshisname's
secretary, it'll soon be sorted.

I never really understood
why they did not want us to
have the training anyway.

Because with the certificates
we'd have actual provable skills,
unlike just being a bloody good
bunch of sysadmins, and then we'd
leave the company. I mean, would
YOU still be here if they hadn't
sacked and rehired us?

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