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[Panel 1]
It's very good of you to help
with That Dog. Thanks again.

You're paying in
beer. Anyway, it
doesn't like eating
bits of game any more.

He's a Senior Dog now.
Doesn't need to chew
everything to
see what it is.

[Panel 2]
Didn't stop it demolishing a
pig's ear in 11.3 seconds flat.

Still, I probably
would too if I had
jaws like that.

Anyway, only eight more weeks...

[Panel 3]
Hoi, I thought you said a month,
and that was two weeks ago.

"At least." Mum's helping
one of her sisters get
sorted into a smaller place,
and a dog sticking his nose
in is not helpful, even a
very fine and elegant dog.

It's not much cop at programming
either. Or 3D design. Really,
I wonder why anyone bothered
to domesticate them at all.

[Panel 4]
Oh come on, there's more to life
than computers and boardgames.

True, there is
also vodka.

Before you try, our dog isn't
very good at that either!

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