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[Panel 1]
Have they all gone?

Yes, the last of them left
when I put on my special
"time to go home" playlist.

Well I liked it. Never heard
the Smurfs in Swedish before.
"Alla smurfars paradis…"

[Panel 2]
If you play it long enough, it
gets on to Shatner doing Mr
Tambourine Man and the Bob
Dylan Christmas album. They
always go home then.

I'm run off my feet. You'd think
people could survive three
months without draught beer.

[Panel 3]
They did, or they wouldn't
be here. They just need to
make up now for all the beer
they didn't drink then.

Though that Nils was looking a bit
peaky. 'Asn't 'e 'eard of bottles?

[Panel 4]
Just be glad he didn't brew
his own. I had that last
time. Lethal, AND it tasted
nice so you didn't notice.

All done, anyway. Masks
are in the wash,
and I've swept up.

Right, I need some sleep before we
do it all again tomorrow. Today.

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