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[Panel 1]
Have you seen that they want
everyone back in the office?


I don't know, everyone seemed
to get more done from home.

[Panel 2]
Managers who do not feel manly unless
they can look out over a sea of peons?

And who cares if the
peons die, you can always
get more of them.

"…maintaining a social distance of
2m. I am writing to inform you that
Management has reduced this
requirement to 1m plus, with 1m
distancing being the minimum allowed."

[Panel 3]
They're stealing policies
that even the government gave
up as a bad idea last year?

I am much happier with
my present 2,000m plus
distancing policy.

What about us?

You do not count.

[Panel 4]
Oh, but it doesn't end there. "In
an extraordinary gesture of
generosity Management is offering
welcome back breakfast and goody bags."

Oh, well that

Jislaaik, is my long-term
health worth a free
breakfast and goody bag?

YOURS, maybe. Bring back
my bag if you do go in.

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