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[Panel 1]
What are you looking
so happy about?

They got him!


Derek. The big bosses decided he
was "bad for the bank's image".

[Panel 2]
You mean they finally
noticed his taste in ties?

Ruining people's lives
wholesale is fine, but retail
they get a bit edgy about.

How d'you mean?

Seems there's a little matter
of assault and rape charges
from his last "conference trip".

[Panel 3]


So I just saw him being
escorted out by Security,
with all his awards and
crap in a green bin-liner.

[Panel 4]
Who's coming in to replace him?

Don't know yet. I think they're
still looking for a sucker.

Has anyone seen the herring I
was pickling? I was keeping it
safe in a green bin-liner.

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