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[Panel 1]
All finished on the roof. Cheers,
Steve. I just had to get the
receiver realigned properly with...

I STILL don't
want to know.

I do. Well, not that, but what you
were doing in the office last weekend.

[Panel 2]
Free internet at home.

Ethernet across the road in the old
fibre conduit, nice big laser up to the
office, and straight into the company
backbone on an encrypted tunnel.

And if the security
people see anything odd going
on, they'll report it to...

Us. Yup.

[Panel 3]
We're ok as long as
Daphne doesn't work out
what it is that I've
put into Derek's old office.

It's a good long way
up the wall, isn't it?

Yeah. I'm not really
happy about her being too
near it, all the same.

[Panel 4]
Ah, give over, you just don't like
having a female boss who might know
enough to recognise techie things.

It's more the way she hung up her coat on
Derek's Team Building Weekend Souvenir.
If she does that on the transceiver, I'll
lose the connection, and no more Ninja
Warrior episodes for me.

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