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[Panel 1]
Tough gig on Saturday night.
Are they always like that?

No, they wanted lots of mortars,
which is why all the digging.

Oh, you've been up to extracurricular
work too? I was down at some godawful
place in the country with Bell...

[Panel 2]
Yah, it was one of those big expensive
weddings. Spitting in the face of the
storm, or however you say it in English.

Wedding at a conference venue for
us. Sod-all kitchen, I think they
just bring the food in by lorry
ready-made most of the time.

But the groom liked our show. He came
out and hung around chatting, not like
some places where they just give you
your cash and want you to push off.

[Panel 3]
Really I think he just
wanted an excuse not to go
back in and give his speech.

Oh really? Tall sandy-haired bloke
with a fearsome mother, looked as
if he wanted to dash off with his
girl on a motorbike instead of all
this flash stuff?

[Panel 4]
HANG on a minute...
not Sotwell Manor?

So that was YOU setting
the trees on fire, eh?

If I'd known that I'd have
taken cover more thoroughly.

If we'd known you were doing
the cooking we'd have stolen
more of your roast pig...

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