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[Panel 1]

Why so sad?
It is Monday!

Another week of
excitement beckons!

If YOU'RE going
to find it exciting,
I'M going back to bed.

Me too. There was a Craft
Beer thing at Shoreditch.

[Panel 2]
But you have been doing
beer festivals for years!

Craft Beer is different.
All hops and citrus.

And people who've never run
a festival before but are
SURE they don't need to ask
anyone how it all works.

[Panel 3]
Even so.

And we paid for the
beer with stamp-cards.

That does not seem so...

[Panel 4]
Which was fine until I gave them
my work ID card by accident.

Well, but...

And they accepted it.

Well, I had to see if would
keep working, didn't I?

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