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[Panel 1]

Have you been taking
lessons from Bell?

No, but I am Dogless.

Oh dear! Nothing
too serious I hope.

[Panel 2]
Mum's finished the house-
move and wanted him back.

Huh. I thought he was a huge
burden and an imposition, and
by the way I'd like my crate
to be Pendle Black Cat Mild.
Bell's having Rochefort 6.

[Panel 3]
Yes, but... I wake up in
the morning and I don't have
to get up to let him out.

I can walk across
the living room
in the dark
without falling
over a Hound Toy.

And there's cleaning up outside...

[Panel 4]
You miss cleaning up the hondekak?

And a cold wet nose
in the middle
of the night...

Next time Jaakko gets vrot
and needs a place to crash,
I'll send him to you.

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